Supplementary Video S1

A real-time complete example of radiomic feature calculation from a PET/MR scan, where the same volumes of interest are used to extract PET and MR radiomic features.

LIFEx: A Freeware for Radiomic Feature Calculation in Multimodality Imaging to Accelerate Advances in the Characterization of Tumor Heterogeneity

Christophe Nioche, Fanny Orlhac, Sarah Boughdad, Sylvain Reuzé, Jessica Goya-Outi, Charlotte Robert, Claire Pellot-Barakat, Michael Soussan, Frédérique Frouin, and Irène Buvat

Cancer Res 2018. 78:4786-4789; doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-18-0125